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We have tried and tested Hilti HIT RE-500 resin for over 10 years. It’s an excellent product and we recommend it however it can be expensive so we have sourced Pure Epoxy resin from G&B and is the resin that our bolts are tested and certified with. Another benefit is that the resin is a much less conspicuous colour being grey rather than the vibrant red of the Hilti resin. More info at:

It is important that the longest lasting resins are used for the longest lasting Titanium bolts for obvious reasons.

We do not recommend the use of Polyester resin as it is porous and not as strong. Vinylester (sometimes incorrectly called epoxy acrylate) is better than Polyester but still not as good as Pure epoxy that has ETAG (European Technical Approval Guideline) certification, giving a life expectance of 50 years for use in safety critical applications.

Each 385ml resin pack comes with one nozzle and contains enough resin to install 25 Eterna bolts.

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Volume discounts available - Contact us to place your order

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