Titanium rock climbing bolts, anchors and hardware


Made in Sheffield, England, the city renowned worldwide for its expertise in producing high quality metal products and here, we could play our part in supporting the local community. This latest move means Martin, who still heads up the company, can oversee every stage of the production process, and this in addition to direct sales, has allowed the company to offer the world’s first certified titanium climbing bolts....


At Titan climbing we are not happy with bolts lasting only 3, 5, 10 or even 20 years. What we are aiming for is a minimum of 50 years service even in the most corrosive climbing environments on the planet.

If they last in excess of 200 years then we have achieved our goal...


Ready to join the bolting revolution?

Have a look at the most corrosion resistant bolts on the planet. We are producing the worlds first certified Titanium climbing bolts and anchors...

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Made In Sheffield

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